Fun with Friends


Here’s a link to Puglet’s blog:

My handsome admirer, Puglet, sent me a lovely poem and a fabulous rubber chicken!  The beak is exceptional.  It’s chewy and pink... a perfect combination. Puglet has very refined taste and knows how to treat a girl.

Puglet shopping

Enjoying lovely weather and visiting with Mitzi and the Muttzies!

Puglet & his gift to me

His gift was a rubber chicken!


Puglet’s First Haiku

Poems without rhymes

sound like perfect love poems-

at least to this pug.

by Puglet

Puglet wrote that Haiku for me!

Oh, Puglet, I am so charmed!

I have a special admirer named Puglet! He treats me like a princess.

Puglet made a video....

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